How Yarkon works in 5 simple steps

Step 1

Sign Up to the FREE tier from the website. This will create your administrator account.

Step 2

Enter your API Keys and choose the security model.

Step 3

Update CORS permissions for the buckets you would like to use with Yarkon.

Step 4

Add your end users to Yarkon.

Final Step

Encourage your end users to use Yarkon for file sharing and storing, utilizing your existing investment in AWS and S3.

Get Started

See Yarkon in action

To show Yarkon in action, we made available a Self Guided Demo system. It is using our AWS account, and is running off of our production system. The demo user accounts are read-only, so you won't be able to make any changes.

100% IAM compatible

Your files, your account

The Yarkon web client application communicates directly with S3. Your documents never touch our servers, or routed through any other service.

Yarkon works across AWS regions; the user interface can show buckets from different regions and support all actions between them.

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Simple and intuitive

Built for the web, no client install

You only need a web browser. Nothing to download, nothing to install, and nothing to keep upgrading and fixing.
Fast and responsive, works on any device.

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Shared storage made simple. Get it for free.

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